Palisade Peaches for Sale!

Colorado Palisade Peaches are famous for their sweetness.

From Wikipedia: Palisade was named for the cliffs near the town. Palisade is known for its peach orchards and wine vineyards. The climate, a 182-day growing season, and an average 78 percent of sunshine makes Palisade "The Peach Capital of Colorado". Palisade's climate is relatively mild by Colorado standards.

You place an order using the PayPal form below. Price is $40 for a 25# box and net proceeds support the St. Louis School and local charities!

By buying your peaches from your local parish Knights of Columbus council - 11851, you can be assured that the proceeds will benefit charities that support life.

Please ensure you fill in your email address and phone number so we can contact you when the peaches arrive. You may also leave instructions to the merchant in the notes section.

The 2019 Knights of Columbus Council 11851 Peach Sales are over. Thanks for your support!